Our solution to greener living

Save money

Re-use the water you have already paid for, using a system that pays for itself from day one.

Durable design

The system is made from long-lasting, UV and chemical resistant material, ensuring longevity of design.

Save time

Although certain flora species require spot watering, the bulk of watering duties is taken over by the Greyway system.

Enhance your garden

The Greyway system is compact, non-intrusive, painless and affordable.

Grey water redefined

The Greyway system has a compact design and strategic capacity of 55l. The pump activates at 15l capacity, pumping faster than grey water enters the system through residential type plumbing. The result is a self-regulating system that does not need an overflow and which pumps regularly to prevent bad odours and potentially harmful bacteria growth.

The design and installation allows the drain to function normally, for situations where you don’t need grey water or want to use heavy chemicals such as drain cleaners. Installation is versatile, non-intrusive and affordable.

Product dimensions

Length: 750mm | Width: 420mm | Depth: 200-300mm

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How it works

Step 1

Grey water runs through existing water pipes from your house

Step 2

The grey water runs through the filter, into the reservoir

Step 3

The self-regulating pump activates when the water in the reservoir reaches 18 litres

Step 4

The water is pumped out at a greater pressure than the in-flow, preventing any overflow

Step 5

A hosepipe connects to your sprinkler and waters your garden

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